We help organizations connect with, learn from and communicate with customers in powerful ways – for innovation, better quality, efficiency and speed. (We think of “customers” as any company downstream from yours that adds value or anyone downstream who uses your products / services.)

Results you can achieve with a Customer-Centric approach

  • Better quality. Since quality is determined by customers, knowing what customers want and what they perceive is critical to improving quality.
  • Better knowledge. Customer wants and needs, customer perception of your products/services and concepts. Immediate response to questions, with opportunity for dialog.
  • More efficient use of resources. Make the right changes and improvements, based on StarCustomerâ„¢ input at key points of your core processes.
  • nnovation. Innovation leader P&G gets 50% of its innovation from outside the company. Getting less means wasting a precious resource.
  • Marketing support. Studies show the most trusted reason to buy is recommendations from friends. StarCustomersâ„¢ and a virtual community can become a hub of networked supporters.

Our approach

We provide services and technologies that will help your organization achieve any or all of the results listed above. We tailor the approach to deliver the type of input and relationships you’re looking for; we can set up the approach and manage it for you or turn it over to you – or advise you in setting up your own approach. We can deliver a range of services from customer insights to a full-blown customer-intimate relationship.

Over 25 years we’ve perfected a model for finding the right customers, setting up processes for them to provide appropriate input, and motivating them to deliver. We can also help your organization understand and implement what it takes to tap into this invaluable resource. Two aspects of our work include:


All customers are not created equal. We seek out knowledgeable customers who will actively and positively participate (about 3% of the population), have the desired demographics, and find a balance of those who are analytical and creative, depending on what your organization is looking for.

Virtual Community

Our unique model, being used by one of the most innovative companies in the world, includes an extremely active online community. Components include a website with a guided discussion Forum, user-generated photos using the company’s products, detailed user demographics and online statistics, integrated survey module, product testing and feedback (with opportunity for company to observe real use and interact with customers), dashboard for monitoring key metrics, and more.