StarCustomersAll customers are not equal.

“Scale-free Networks” consist of hubs (customers in this case) who are connected to a disproportionate number of others.

Moreover, some people have a disproportionate influence over what others think, how they vote, and what they buy. Some excellent research puts these “Influentials” at 10% of the population.

Our own experience has revealed, and research confirmed, the overlap between connectors (hubs), and Influentials. These extremely well-connected and highly influential people are only 3 to 5% of a given population. We call these people StarCustomers. Finding them is both an art and a science, and we are continually improving our ability to locate them, and to list their support in linking to others.

StarCustomers™ can be a wonderful source of innovation and feedback, as their connections with others enable them to speak for a much broader audience. Because of this link to so many others, they are also able to synthesize what they hear, and reveal new insights.

These StarCustomers™ can also link your company outward to customers and non-customers. If you have a good story to tell that isn’t reaching enough of the right ears, this may be the answer you’ve been seeking.